Charles Evans began his ministry after being freed from the grip of Satan worship as a teenager.

A dissatisfaction with the church of his youth, combined with the lyrics of his favorite rock bands of the time, caused him to seek out a religion in which he could be more involved. His personal testimony has been published in countless magazines across the globe including Dr. Jack Van Impe's "Perhaps Today" magazine, The Pentecostal Testimony, Evangelical Baptist, The Australian Baptist, Atlantic Baptist, The Evangelical Beacon, Live and many more. His testimony is also provided in his book, TEENS AND DEVIL WORSHIP - What Everyone Should Know.

In 1990 Charles' testimony was published in tract form by the American Tract Society and hundreds of thousands of copies were distributed around the world.

Dr. Evans has also appeared as a guest on hundreds of radio stations from Alaska to Hawaii and appeared several times on t.v.'s ACTION SIXTIES and IT'S A NEW DAY. He was also a guest on The Montel Williams Show to discuss his aforementioned book.

A devoted student of the Word, Evans has written countless articles on topics ranging from The Deity of Jesus Christ to the Word of Faith Movement to satanism and the occult.

His books to date include; TEENS AND DEVIL WORSHIP - What Everyone Should Know, IS JESUS GOD? An Examination and Refutation of Popular Cultic Views and THE DEVIL'S PUPPETS, a Christian novel based loosely on his own experiences as a teenager.

Dr. Evans is currently working on another book, due to be released soon, tentatively titled WHY I QUESTION THE ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH. Written in Question and Answer format, this book deals with several questionable beliefs and practices of the Roman system.

Charles' passion, more than anything else, is to speak publicly and teach on the Deity of Christ because there is, he says, "No teaching or doctrine contained in the Word of God which is more necessary or more important."

Action Sixties Television Show
Action Sixties Television Show

The Montel Williams Show
The Montel Williams Show

Teaching in Manitoba, Canada
Teaching in Manitoba, Canada