Scheduling Information

Why not schedule meetings in your area featuring Charles Evans!

We can promise you a time of intense teaching from the Word of God about the Deity of Jesus Christ!

Dr. Evans' constant concern with the church is the overall lack of ability to show the Jesus of the Bible to the cultist at the door. Yet the Bible is replete with references to the fact of Christ's divinity!

Learning more about Him, Jesus, God in the flesh, will re-vitalize and strengthen your faith in wonderful ways!

Charles believes that no church - large or small - should be left out. This is why Victory Through Jesus Ministries operates on a love-offering basis with no set honorarium or guarantees imposed on any sponsor or church.

On many occasions seminars and conferences are scheduled simply because someone just like you takes an interest and e-mails us.

Perhaps we've visited your church before and its time for another visit. Or perhaps you've never seen Dr. Evans' presentations "live". Regardless, we want to establish relationships with churches and Christians that will strengthen the local body of believers and further the work of the Kingdom of God on earth!

So please e-mail us today and together let's arrange for Victory Through Jesus Ministries to visit your church soon!